Beginners/Returners Course – January 2020


Our Beginners/Returners Course starts on Monday 20th January 2020.
If you’re wanting to start running – or return to it after a break – we would be delighted to help you on your way.

Our Beginners courses have proven popular and successful – many of our brilliant club members came to us via one of our Beginners Courses. Booking is essential.

The course accepts runners and would-be runners of varying abilities; we will encourage you and challenge you according to your current fitness and your goals. Our Beginners Training Schedule is designed and led by UKA qualified run leaders. It provides a perfect opportunity for new or returning runners to improve fitness and gradually ease into running.

What is the beginner’s course?

“I’d like to run but…”
“I’d be too slow… I can’t run very far… I’m too unfit… I’m too old… too busy”

We can’t help much with that last one – but the others are often myths.

Beginner’s running courses are designed for people who can already maintain a brisk walking pace for about 5k and want to gradually build aerobic fitness so they can jog or run further and/or faster without discomfort.
How far and how fast – well that’s entirely up to you.

The Fremington Trailblazers 12-week course provides:

  • Encouragement and support for your fitness goals
  • A recognised (and realistic!) training plan
  • A friendly, group setting with the visibility and safety of running with others – and loads of encouragement

What to Expect

  • Structured running coaching aimed towards new and returning runners who want to develop running fitness and form
  • Separate training groups tailored to your fitness level
  • Coaching by qualified (and very supportive!) leaders
  • Group running where no one gets left behind
  • Suitable for all adult ages
  • End goal is to run 5k by the end of 12 weeks


Starting off running within a group of like-minded people can be great for motivation and safety. Knowing that others are there and that the course will carry on without you can help get you out of the door when it’s raining and you’ve had a hectic day (and part of you just wants to sit by the fire and watch the telly).

So, if you’ve not run previously, or at least not recently, providing you are reasonably healthy (see note on Preparation below), we will offer training and support to get you to a 5 or 10K in our friendly 8-week course.

High Visibility – Safety Stuff

Hi Viz

This course will run up to just before Christmas and the evenings will get dark! We ask you to wear suitable bright high-viz running gear AND carry a head or chest torch; you need to be easily seen – and you need to be able to see where you are running.

Is it just on Mondays?

Once a week is not enough! Runners – including beginner runners – need to be aiming for three run session a week. As part of the course we offer you one coached session on a Monday evening (typically from 7pm – 8pm) and set you two ‘homeworks’ to do during the week.

Precise details about training times and locations will be provided.


Anyone starting the Beginners Course must be able to walk at a brisk pace comfortably for 60 minutes.

If you are already jogging or running a bit that’s OK – everyone’s starting point is different – but if you’re not, then don’t start before the course. We’ll teach you correct technique and it’s better to start with a blank canvas.

Throughout the course we will encourage you to run (or to run/walk to start with) three times a week. To help protect and prepare your body for running we encourage you to start NOW with walking, but only walking. Getting out for a brisk walk or power walking a few times a week is perfect preparation.

Joining Instructions 

Places for our January 2020 course are extremely limited – we have a waiting list and remaining places always fill up very fast.

Message us by completing the form below for more details.